About | Katrina Elliott Photography & Design
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Who am I

“I am not your typical professional photographer”
I have never fitted into a “normal or typical” mould.  I love everything creative. I was born with or sometimes I might say cursed with creative genes.  There have been many times when I would wake at 2am with a great idea!!

I have found many different tools to express and utilise my creativity and also earn an income.  For the past 12 years I have used the camera to earn an income. When I first started photography to was told to pick one genre and specialise in that. Well I think I did quite the opposite. I couldn’t understand, why, if I could come up with creative effective images for any job why I couldn’t do anything.

As a portrait photographer I have learnt how to better position a person in a commercial editorial. 

As a Commercial photographer I have learnt how to tell a story in one image which has helped me with my environmental style portraits.

As an Artist I am always wanting to come up with something new and different using the tools and surroundings I find.

Where do I work

Pretty much anywhere….

Commercially I am mostly mobile. I do use my studio at Calliope for some Corporate portraits and product shots.

Portraits I often use my Outdoor Studio I have built on my property at Calliope but I do go to other locations on request.

Artist well I do tend to take over my husbands shed for large project work.

Artist Biography

Using photography for self-expression, I have a strong desire to make pictures convey stories to others. Photography has developed my understanding and self-awareness, allowing an exploration of the particles of life, often in an abstract form. Looking for the details within the shadows, finding the stories that are not always obvious and capturing the sparkle in the common.

Katrina Elliott
Sports Photographer

I enjoy capturing the action no matter what kind of sports. Football, Equestrian Sports and BMX are among my favourites.

Katrina Elliott
Portrait Photographer

I wanted my clients to have something special in there images. I want the kids to have room to run and play. I wanted to be able to make props and always have something new. So I bought 40aces and made an Öutdoor Studio”

Katrina Elliott
Commercial Photographer

Working in this industry you have to be on the ball, you never know what will be thrown at you and the environment is always a challenge.

Katrina Elliott

I am so blessed to be able to earn an income as an Artist.  I find it very rewarding being able to create projects that our community are involved it as well as commission pieces for people to enjoy.