The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird

Location: Gladstone Hospital, Breastscreen
Artist: Katrina Elliott

Size: 3m length x 3m high

Hummingbirds when hovering in mid-air can flap their wings at astonishing rates, which vary from around 12 beats per second in the largest species, to in excess of 80 in some of the smallest. Of those species that have been measured in wind tunnels, their top speeds exceed 54 km per hour.

Sometimes our lives can be compared to that of the busy Hummingbird whether it is juggling a busy career with the school run,  housework, bills and budgets, trying to stay fit with a trip to the gym, or just finding time to meet friends for a coffee, it seems women’s lives today are fuller than ever.

30 minutes every two years its time to slow that Hummingbird pace right down and do something that could possibly alter your life.  Slow down and use this time to look after yourself. Early detection is the best way to ensure your Hummingbird pace. Give yourself peace of mind.

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