Our Place

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Our Place 

Public Art 


Artists –  Katrina Elliott & Roseberry Q young people.

About  the Project

“Our Place” reflects on a place that one feels comfortable, free and safe.  The project will develop and create a public sculpture which will greet the community as they are entering the new Roseberry Community Services building.
I will lead workshops sessions, with targeted groups involved with Roseberry community Services programs aged between 12-25 years. These individual will engage in creative processes to create a public art sculpture for the front of the new building for Roseberry Community Services.

These young people’s lives have been affected socially and financially through disadvantage.  Most of the young people who will be involved in the project, have suffered trauma, either individually or as part of their family. They have disengaged from formal schooling and are isolated from mainstream community. The use of art in this project will have therapeutic values particularly relating to the target age bracket.

Being a part of the design and construction of the Artwork will encourage an ownership effect and the likelihood of the sculpture defaced will lesson.


“Home –  should be a safe place Roseberry QLD is home when I don’t feel Safe”

Our Place sculpture uses the symbolic features of a seed pod to portray its message of Home.
The Pods shelter, protect, nurture and develops it seeds until they are ready to make it on their own.

We have chosen the Albizia lebbeck tree seed pods as they resemble people in all different shapes and forms.

Final Design

Clean up

28th July 2017

Tidy up of the new area.

Learning about Public Art

Upright structures

22nd August 2017

Welding of the upright structures.

Scabing materials

5th September 2017

Loving our community spirit, ask and  you shall receive!

First Layer

17th October 2017

Thank you so much to Rockcote for dontating all of the render for this project.  Check out their product range https://www.rockcote.com.au/ 

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