What does KINDNESS look like!

What does KINDNESS look like!

Project start date:- 23rd July – 31st August 2018
Location – Calliope State School

The aim of the project is to create a public mural that is a collaborative design by artist Katrina Elliott and the students of Calliope State School and Calliope Kindy. The message will be to remind people what kindness looks like.   Bulling is such a big social issue at the moment and this message will show how we feel about issue and how we can make a difference in a positive way. By reminding people on a public art piece it will capture a large audience.  This location on the fence line of the school was chosen pacifically by the artist for the traffic flow to the school. Visible to Students, parents and public every day.

Katrina Elliott’s vision is to use this as a pilot program to be implemented in other local schools.  Creating a wonderful opportunity where students can showcase their artwork and be a part of a public art mural. The project has been designed so all students can participate even the ones reluctant to get involved in art.  Fun action activities of shadow / silhouette making, background designing, and pattern making will cater for all ages and abilities. The younger students will act out what kindness looks like in the form of a shadow and then those shapes will be traced out an used as silhouettes in the artwork.

In the background design of the mural the artist and students will look at Calliope and what elements could represent our town. Looking into history in our region and creating a sense of community worth.

From the mural we will create bookmarks to send home with each student and posters will be placed throughout the town creating an even larger audience.

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