100 Women 100 Portraits 100 years

For the last 2 years I have had the privilege to take part in International Women’s Day Celebrations, Using my photography skills I was able to capture certain areas of women in our region. 2009 Rural Women from Our Region, 2010 Dirty Jobs. These images were publish in a local publication and displayed at the IWD Festival. (see attached)

In both of my assignments I realised the diversity of Women from our Region. From nationality, occupation, sporting, theatre, our mothers and the list continues.

This year is the centenary of International Womens Day. 100 years since the first Official Day was celebrated in Copenhagen (1911). This year I wanted to celebrate the Day in a way that was worthy of a centenary.  I wanted to have an exhibition display 100x the diversity of women from our region.  I put forward the ideas of an exhibition of one hundred individual portraits of Women from our Region to the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum and they were thrilled.  The whole concept was soon made clear how valuable it would be to our community.

It will show the range of

  • Occupations our women are now employed in.
  • Ethnic background in our area indigenous and non indigenous
  • Sporting
  • Religion
  • Theatre
  • Musicians
  • Family/mothers/working mothers
  • Ages


Exhibition – Gladstone Regional Art gallery and Museum

8-31st March – official opening 8th March 5.30pm, by Mayor Gail Sellers

100 Women 100 Portraits 100 Years


Time Capsule

A printed copy will be kept in a time capsule at the Art Gallery, to be opened in 100 years, 2111.  Foreseeing the historical relative worth that it will have to women and the people in our region in one hundred years time is invaluable.




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