Art on Fleet

Art on Fleet

Hosted in conjunction with the Gladstone Region Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), Art on Fleetprovides an opportunity for locally created artwork to be exhibited ‘on the move’ across the length and breadth of the region, printed on purposed vinyl decals, featured on identified Council fleet vehicles.

TITLE:         Calliope River Patchwork

ARTIST:                Katrina Elliott

FLEET:                   Calliope & Southern Technical Services

ARTIST STATEMENT: Patchwork inspired, elevated view of the Calliope River and the colourful neighbouring countryside.  “Zooming out” gives that simplified view on the world. It is not till we zooom right in life gets so very complex.

TITLE:         Humour of Cleaning

ARTIST:                Katrina Elliott

FLEET:                   Street Sweeper

ARTIST STATEMENT/s (50 words): A humorous look at cleaning.  Caricatured Council operator trying to save himself and his lunch from the vortex vacuum. Meet Mr Sweeper 2018.

This opportunity was funding by RADF Regional Arts Development Fund.


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