GECC Fast track gladstone 2017 - Katrina Elliott Photography
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GECC Fast track gladstone 2017

GECC Fast track gladstone 2017

GECC Fasttrack Gladstone 2017

Please note screenshots of these images are NOT permitted. Please support our profession by purchasing your images $5.00 per file.

ORDERS MUST be done on a Computer you can only view in the MOBILE site

Image files available for purchase:-  Click here to Order your photos!!!

Please read the tips below

  • Once you have entered your email address, a tour will step you through how to navigate around the site.
  • You can start adding your images to your favourites folder, this will help you sort through your select and also save them for when you log in again.
  • You will the gallery is sorted into 2 folders click to switch between the galleries.

To purchase click on items in this area.


There are 3 ways you can pay for your order cheque, direct deposit & Pay Pal.

If you are purchasing files and paying with Pay Pal you will be able to download files straight away. If you are using the other 2 methods you will receive an email once payment has been verified.

If you have read these hints and are still having trouble please feel free to give me a call 0414 974 643 (please leave a message if I cant get to the phone and I will call you back)


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