Hold Me

Hold Me

ARTISTS – Katrina Elliott

Hold Me

Mixed Media Installation
1650MM X 730MM X 400MM

Words are hard to find to describe the feeling one feels when they are held or hugged. 2020 has been a tough year, all over the world. It’s almost universal tough! I created “Hold me” to represent a Universal Hug, she is here to remind us that we are not alone and we wont feel like this forever.
The indentation in the front of her gives another level of wrap-a-round and the turquoise dots within represents the almost electrical tingle our body senses when we are hugged or held.
Hold me’s brightly coloured exterior is a reflection of the colour, I hope fills everyone’s heart again soon. I reached out to people that could speak other languages to help me make this Universal hug even more inclusive.
Hold Me, again soon

serre moi {French}
Umarme mich {German}
Abrazame { Spanish }
ي احضي ض} Arabic}
Trzymaj mnie : Przytul mnie {Polish}
Håll mig {Swedish}
Hou me vast {Dutch}
Κράτα με στην αγκαλιά σου {Greek}
抱住我 {Chinese}
Me abrace. {Portuguese}
Puke au {Tongan}
Mau ahau / Awhi mai {Maori}
Holem mi {Bislama}
Cum mi {Gaelic}
Dal fi {Welsh}
Stringimi {Italian}
Hou my vas { Afrikaans}
Kapit ka sa akin {Tagalog/Filipino}
Hawakan mo ako {Filipino}
كن بغلم } Persian}
मुझेगलेलगाओ {Hindi}
मुझेपकड़ कर रखो {Hindi}

PRESS PLAY to hear about the Artwork.

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