Donna Campbell

Donna Campbell

Donna Campbell
Gold Coast, Australia

Tell us a little about your training.

3 yrs hospital based in Sydney , practice was done on the wards and the theory in a classroom … best training ever it was so good . I also was lucky enough to have a large
element of general nursing as we had surgical and medical for prisoners of jails to come and have surgery

What things are different now in training you would like to see brought back?

More prac on the wards , students are given little direction and mentoring when on placements they have a coordinator that pops in on them , staff on ward do not have time to
teach students ,.. they need to be very assertive to learn much.

What things in training are you glad student no longer have to endure?

Giving medication without much knowledge at all .

Tell us where you worked after you finished training. 

I worked at many places in both private and public systems, I am proud to say I am still working , and still enjoy working with patients just as much as the day I started in 1980.

What is the most rewarding thing about your role?

Psychiatry can be hard as it’s not often you get great rewards like other fields of nursing, people take a long time to get well and often relapse quickly if not on medication …. the reward for me is when a patient tells you that you made a difference to their life .

One of your fondest memories.  

A young boy who became a man and returned to say Thankyou ❤

Tell us about any funny stories.  

So many funny stories , humour has to be incorporated as it’s a dark profession at times … got to have a great SOH to work in Mental Health and be a little crazy .

What is the most dreaded activity you have had to undertake?  

Anything to do with faeces.

What is the best invention in your career?    

TMS helps a lot of patients without having ECT.

What do you wish they would invent to make tasks easier?

Someone to do all the paperwork so could spend more face to face with patients .

Any other information you would like to add.  

I’m grateful for my choice in career , it has given me many fond memories and certainly was never a boring day at work, hopefully just a smile can sometimes make a difference to  someone’s journey


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