Kara Quinn

Kara Quinn

Kara Quinn,
Rural Central Queensland Australia

Tell us a little about your training.

I completed Diploma of Nursing (EEN) with Gold Coast tafe externally while working with my husband on cattle property. Then went on to study Bachelor of Nursing (RN) with USQ in Toowoomba, which I’m almost finished.

What things are different now in training you would like to see brought back?

I have trained through the university system also while being employed with QLD health as an EEN and believe it should go back to hospital trained day, I have learnt so much more hands on and believe the standard of new grads would be better.


Tell us where you worked after you finished training. 

Worked across Central Qld and in Vietnam for a month as an international placement trip with 15 other USQ and Griffith students.


What is the most rewarding thing about your role?

Being a nurse doesn’t just give us one reward but a complete bunch of them. I love helping people in difficult times, making someone smile or relax at a really stressful time in there life always makes the really difficult times worth it. I love what I can do for a patient but I also value what they teach me and how every person I treat touches my life, and makes me the person I continue to evolve to be!


One of your fondest memories.  

It’s hard just to name one! Helping a patient celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary on the ward, a particular colleague went to great lengths to make it special and it was just that!


Tell us about any funny stories.  

Assisting with the birth of a baby on Christmas Eve wearing a Christmas elves hat and red bows, the mother told me she couldn’t push until I took that stupid thing of my head cause she couldn’t take me serious, and was laughing while in agonising pain, trying to give birth.


What is the most dreaded activity you have had to undertake?  

Snot gets me every time. Every nurse has that one thing that there stomach and gag reflex just can’t take!


What is the best invention in your career?    

I’m a nurse been born into a nursing world of technology! Often enjoy listening to the stories or older nurses on what it was like in the days before technology.


What do you wish they would invent to make tasks easier?

Nothing, I like using my hands and critical thinking, the more things they invent, the less people think. Critical thinking is a huge part of nursing.


Any other information you would like to add.  

Nursing continues to change year to year, decade to decade, it’s a job that becomes a part of who you are! Could never see myself doing anything else.


We would love to hear your story. Not matter how short or how long your journey in nursing & midwifery is. We would love to hear from ALL different types of nurses, dental nurses, veterinary nurses, school nurses……from all over the world. Please help add to our online exhibition. This exhibition runs until the end of 2020.

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